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If you need negative links deleted, de-indexed or suppressed then Reputation Guardians can assist you in your personal protection. Our team currently helps executives, lawyers, doctors, international celebrities to protect their good name online. Our team utilizes our proprietary technology and assigns an individual account manager to work with you in order to increase your positive online presence and decrease any negatives that may previously exist or show up in the course of our ongoing reputation management.

Your Reputation Can Be Damaged Online In Just Seconds

The internet is an open forum that allows anyone to make comments about you or your business - whether they are true or not. Negative content from online articles, blogs, and inaccurate reviews can appear almost instantaneously and you may not even realize that you have a problem and once this content gets online, it can almost never be deleted. The first impression of you is made online and negative material in search results can have an immediate impact on your livelihood.

Individual Account Manager and Proprietary Software

Our team assigns an account manager who will work with you directly and manage the process from the beginning until your reputation is a shining example in your respective industry.

Personal Protection is a very key issue since a bad reference ranking on the first page of Google can damage your livelihood. Over 92% of all clients search the home page of google for information on people. There are several websites which are created with the sole purpose of damaging your online reputation. Comments, blogs, articles, and detailed reviews presented in any negative light will create a bad impression about you online.

Specialized Reputation Management Solutions

We focus on creating a reputation management campaign that will be specific to your industry and your goals. Many times our clients will have several negative comments and this will impact the overall price structure.

Our work and your payment pricing is based on 6 factors:.

  • 1. Rank of the negative comments
  • 2. Website and Blog page rank which contains the negatives
  • 3. Online Market Penetration and client research of your company
  • 4. Domain management potential and relevant competitor open source names as they relate to your name or company name.
  • 5. Previous Positive Reviews and current website ranking on multiple search engines
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